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Financial Market

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About the course

The chapter on "Financial Market" provides a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and components associated with this crucial aspect of the economy. It starts by introducing the concept of a financial market, which serves as a platform for the exchange of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives. Within the broader financial market, one of the major segments discussed is the capital market, where long-term securities are traded. This section delves into the different types of capital market instruments, including stocks and bonds, and highlights their importance in raising funds for businesses and governments.

Another vital component covered in this chapter is the share market, also known as the stock market. It sheds light on the basics of the stock market, including the buying and selling of shares or stocks issued by publicly traded companies. The chapter explains the role of stock exchanges in facilitating these transactions, serving as platforms where buyers and sellers can interact and trade securities.

Furthermore, the chapter provides an overview of the process of listing stocks in the exchange, outlining the steps involved in a company's journey from initial public offering (IPO) to becoming a publicly traded entity. This section highlights the significance of regulatory bodies and their role in ensuring transparency and investor protection throughout the listing process.

In summary, the chapter on "Financial Market" covers the key concepts and components that make up the financial market ecosystem. It explores the capital market, the types of capital market instruments, the functioning of the share market or stock market, and the process of listing stocks in the exchange. This chapter provides a foundational understanding of the financial market, enabling readers to grasp the fundamentals of this essential aspect of the global economy.



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