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Intermediate - Mutual Fund Performance

Instructor: Team Uplift

About the course

"Intermediate - Mutual Fund Performance" is a comprehensive guide that explores various methods for assessing the performance of mutual funds. It emphasizes the importance of tracking the value of investments in terms of dividends and capital gains and provides insights into making informed decisions about switching to another fund.

Introduces several methods for measuring mutual fund performance, including the absolute return method, simple annual return method, compounded annual average rate (CAGR) method, and total return method. Each method is explained with examples and formulas to calculate returns over different periods. Additionally, the book discusses the impact of expenses, income ratios, transaction costs, fund size, cash holdings, and portfolio turnover ratio on fund performance evaluation.

The concept of benchmarking is also covered in detail, highlighting the significance of comparing a fund's performance against relevant benchmarks. It suggests various benchmarks for different types of equity, debt, and money market funds. Furthermore, it explores peer group comparisons and evaluating fund performance against other financial products, considering factors such as risk-return relationship and liquidity.

"Mutual Fund Performance" serves as a valuable resource for investors and professionals in the finance industry, providing them with the tools and knowledge to evaluate and track the performance of mutual funds. By applying the methods and techniques discussed, readers can make more informed investment decisions and optimize their portfolio performance.



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